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VolcaaaNOOOOOOO !! April 19, 2010

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So there we were, half-way round the M50, making good time to the airport and the wife gets a text from my worried mother back home.  4.30 am !  Kids asleep in the back.

“Eh” says she, “There’s been a volcanic eruption in Iceland and they might be cancelling flights!”

“A what ?” says I “Sure how would that mean we can’t fly to Scotland?”

And so we park, get the bags in order, wake the kids and trek into the departures lounge … I open the door … and am hit by what can only be described as mayhem of epic proportions.  Thousands upon thousands of people !  Literally.  Going nowhere and getting antsy.

“They shoulda feckin toald us!” shouted one Dubliner to nobody in particular … followed by a curt “Dis is a loada bleedin shite!” from his scantily clad and equally neanderthal companion. I could sense our trip was doomed !

A quick glance at the board tells us all we need to know – all flights grounded for the foreseeable future and nobody to find information from … and then I spot it.  Two lads attempting to join ‘the queue’ to the Ryanair “information” desk … manned, despite the barbarian hordes at their gates, by 2 – yes, 2 – blue clad ladies.

These young fellas – obviously not able to speak English – were accosted by an abrupt “Oi!” from a white-clad airport security type older lady who pointed them in the general direction of about 400 other people further away from the queue they were trying to join.

“We book again!” complained one of them “We stand here no ?”

A classic Irish reply which added to their confusion “No love, I don’t care where you stand, but you’re not standing here !”  and so they were swept away in an ocean of other bodies to stand at the back of the 4 section, snaking queue to the Ryanair desk.

A passing American lady and her husband – who at least had some chance of getting home – entertained the onlookers with cries of “I just don’t know Manny, I just don’t goddamn know!”

Another bemused Wesht of Ireland man sighed “Ah Jaysus Noel they’ve cancelled the whole feckin place” before heading off in the direction of the already packed bar.

Just a few little ditties from the airport on a Thursday morning when a feckin volcano decides to go off … at least we can’t blame it on Fianna Fáil !

Twenty reasons NEVER to fly Ryanair July 16, 2009

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Gotta love this article from the Times Online …

Howth from the air October 31, 2007

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Here’s a little snapshot I shouldn’t have taken on board a plane but it was Ryanair and they were pissing me off … cheap flights they may be, but cheap everything else they are too !


The Hill of Howth seen from the air.