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A little gem June 10, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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A little gem I heard today in the Potato Market car park in Limerick … in relation to new shoes that were killing my colleague …

“You should wear new shoes a while love, before you put them on !”

Topless barmaids in Limerick ! October 9, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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A peculiar phenomenon is taking place in a small Irish town in the west of Ireland this week. Drink and sex is being mixed ! Mother of God the thoughts of it !

I am speaking of course, of the – wait for it – topless barmaid that’s pulling pints in Browne’s Bar in the wonderfully named village of Montpelier, Co.Limerick (so small there’s nothing in Google about it I can link to !)

Topless don’t ya know ! And she’s pulling attracting in crowds from all across the region ! Jesus how desperate are the men of the west of Ireland to see a pair of tits ? Ah but you see its not just the ladies bosoms that interest these men folk – it’s the fact that they can, in company and without looking over their shoulders, drink pints and laugh with their mates knowing its OK to stare at her, because every other oul fecker in the pub is doing the same thing !

There are some great stories in the meeja about this gem … the Irish Independent was the first to “break” this amazing story that has captured the minds of a nation. From the glens of Antrim to mountains of Kerry there are oul fellas heading in droves for Limerick in the hope of a bit of legal boob gazing. There hasn’t been the likes of it around these parts since the moving statues in 1985 !

Ah sure you know with the Garda crackdown on drinking and driving (those spoilsport police !) and the feckin’ smoking ban sure it was the next logical step to employ naked staff !

Jasmin, the one getting her woman parts out, is “being very much admired for her work” according to John Joe Fitzpatrick, the pubs proprieter, who has assured himself of legendary status from this day out. I’d say she’s being admired for more than her work, John Joe ! He goes on to say that “even some of the older women are encouraging their husbands to come along” as it “stirs them up a bit” when they get home. Class !

“Theraphy for the older man”, he calls it – utter, dirty old manism more would say. Whatever your view it just goes to show that we’re a great little country. Get your parts out in the open and you’re sure of an enraptured, skin starved audience …