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The state of our nation July 26, 2010

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Not only should Fianna Fáil be put out of government, if there’s a shred of dignity left about the Irish people, they should be decimated as a party. The damage they have done to Ireland is incalculable. To the people, our infrastructure, our society, our public services, everything. The worst, sadly, is yet to come. People need to stop thinking about political parties the way they do about their favourite football team. You cannot be a lifelong FF supporter and blindly vote for them because that’s just what you’ve always done …

Twenty Major

That’s exactly what I’m thinking too … but alas, I think the Irish electorate gives not a shite of the flying kind …

Flight of Earls … June 29, 2010

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Funny the way history repeats itself through song.  First as tragedy and then as absolute farce !

Callely ‘happy’ to return expenses June 25, 2010

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UNREAL !! via today’s Irish Times.

These people chancers live on their own planet and are blatant about it and we don’t care one iota !

Mr Boyle said documents showed the Senator submitted claims for 45 nights in Dublin during 2009. “So you’re actually claiming money for a residence that you normally live in, whether you see it as a permanent residence or not?” he asked.

“That’s correct, yes,” Mr Callely said. He said this situation was “probably applicable” to other members of the House who have an apartment or house in Dublin and live in the country.

And while I’m at it, the article above misses the point !  The legislation exists for these people (and written by these people) to do this legally.  All you need is a neck … and Fianna Failed have that in spades.

You can do ANYTHING in this country because the politicians know the  electorate don’t care !!

The link in Irish minds and in our social culture, between the political corruption and our own inaction simply does not exist !

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Opposition ! June 2, 2010

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Go on – humor me – go to Fine Gael’s new website and play the game they seemingly thought would be a brilliant idea to get the country back on track !

It shows that our opposition parties have zero clue about how to really influence the result of the next general election.  It’s as if they will get elected by magic next time out and Fianna Failed are going to just dry up.

Well let me tell you something Enda and chums, Fianna Failed are a national institution with zealously loyal supporters at every level, high and low, of this society – and I mean everywhere.  They could commit ethnic cleansing and still they would be popular … so if you think that a new website and a silly game which whacks corrupt politicians over the head will make you more popular, then you are worse than I thought.

Why aren’t the opposition getting every available canvasser and local party man and knocking, policy documents in hand, on every door of the country, every day of the week ?

These f*ckers in the Dáil will not succumb to a video game a fancy website with a big picture of Enda Kenny on it as opposed to in-your-face policies … it will take a gargantuan effort to get them out … and to get you lot in !  These people rely on the apathy of Irish voters to their corruption – they rely on us not giving a shit.

You have it arse about-face Fine Gael, I’m afraid … I await the knock on the door from a Fine Gaeler with positive glee !