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Home Along the River May 18, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.
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An old one, but a nice one all the same …

Home Along the River

by the Rambling Man

“You’ll be alright now, son!” he would say;
My gills as green as the sea being sliced by our bow;
And around the rocky point we would lurch – the tall tower
giving calm to the swell; inching inside her protection,
which could never come quickly enough.

The rocks of Hook draw lines that keep the maddening current in tow.
At Dunmore, the yachts are making for home on the tide.
I stumble from stern to midships, keen not to miss a thing.
The harbour’s form burning it’s place in my mind.

“Call out the bays and the rocks now, son!” he would say;
“Because I don’t want to get lost!”
And I’d jump to attention, glad to be back on hushed water.
Slowly they passed us, the river easing us home …
Hall Bay and then Boyce’s, with Creadan Head to your back.
The hatch patterned seats leaving marks on my knees.

“There’s Dollar and Booley!” I’d shout
Their crowdless beaches a sign that our own harbour was near.
“Can we go digging for treasure?” I’d plead,
until I outgrew the tales of the old folk,
who were rich from ingots found simply out walking !

A turn to the North meant I could command at the wheel …
The diesel engine thrumming a comforting song.
“Keep her straight now, son!” he would say;
“And line up the two towers in your sights” …
Rounding the Barrack, we’d laugh and talk about how
those on the Strand would rather be out here with us.

Tied up and safely ashore, the boat strains ‘gainst the current,
longing to bear us again, home, along the river.

The Catch May 10, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.
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The Catch

by the Rambling Man

What joy it gave to feel the water sliver
with the blurred blue-green of a fish …
tugging at your hand on a string of orange twine;
dead-weight weaving against the strain,
patterns dancing beneath the calm.
Patterns changing, pulled from one world into the next.
Soon water will thread gills no more.
All will be done. Our thoughts will turn to home
and to the taste of the sea.

People power restores 24-hour helicopter rescue April 1, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Say it like it is.
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It was with great delight that I read the government are to retract their ludicrous decision to cut the 24-hour coverage of the South East’s R117 helicopter rescue service. What sort of eejits are they to think that, effectively, you are only entitled to be rescued if you go missing or get into difficulties during daylight hours ?

On the day of the U-turn decision – read about it here, here and here – a kayaker was rescued off Hook Head in County Wexford, having ventured out in appalling weather.  It just goes to show that this service is both needed all day and is very effective – ” hats off ” to the crew of the R117 who rescued this man.  Thank you for the risks you take and the service you provide !

I am also impressed by the ground-swell of public anger against the government’s decision to do something like this.   We need to stand up to these unadulterated idiots more often – I call them that because they do not have the first clue of the mindset of their constituents … it is all about money – always about money.  No thought is realistically given to the impact on service when you are trying to cut money !

The Facebook group that was formed certainly helped fuel the fire of anger and awareness of this decision.  Particularly poignant, though, is the comment on the Facebook page from (presumably) a relative of the recently rescued man …

More power to Web 2.0 and tools like Facebook for facilitating such a means of protest … Continue to stand up for yourself Ireland !

Pere Charles salvage faces delays November 6, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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The wreck of the ill fated Pere Charles fishing trawler is due to be salvaged about now and what remains of the vessel and contents raised to a platform barge, some 4 miles off Hook Head in Co.Wexford.

There are however some delays in the operation as a dispute arose between the Irish Coast Guard and the company tasked with raising the boat.  It seems the wreck is upside down on the sea bed with one view being to turn it before it is raised, while the salvagers themselves favour raising the boat in an upturned state.

I think that this situation must be handled very tactfully as there were 5 men on that trawler who drowned – none of whose remains have ever been recovered.  To raise the boat in an upside-down manner – and it’s being raised to determine whether there are any bodies on board -would surely lead to whatever (if anything) was onboard, falling out on its way to the surface.

I sincerely hope that the families of the victims of this sea tragedy find some closure from this week’s events.