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For Park Ji-Sung June 12, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.
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For Park Ji-Sung who just scored to give South Korea a 2-0 win over a woeful Greece side …

(Tune: Lord of the Dance)

Park, Park, wherever you may be,
They eat dogs in your coun-terr-ee
Could be worse, you could be a Scouse,
… Eating rats in a council house …

The Greeks are taking over spam ! November 19, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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The Greeks are taking over spam ! It’s official … nothing but Greek names are now appearing in the reams of spam and other assorted shite I must wade through each morning. But its not the more modern Stelios or Nickolas or names of the sort !

No – tis the Gods taking their revenge in the modern era by spamming the hell out of us bloggers …

So Jupiter, Stylianos, Zeus, Ioannis, Aleximo and co … please foxtrot oscar.