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Fine Gael are imploding ! June 15, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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They’re at it again … just when the incumbent government are at their weakest, their main opposition play right into their hands and implode with the news this morning that no less than 9 front bench TDs now have no confidence in Enda Kenny as their leader.

If Labour don’t wake up and smell the coffee of this opportunity quick, then we’re faced with decades more of Fianna Failed.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your Opposition ! June 2, 2010

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Go on – humor me – go to Fine Gael’s new website and play the game they seemingly thought would be a brilliant idea to get the country back on track !

It shows that our opposition parties have zero clue about how to really influence the result of the next general election.  It’s as if they will get elected by magic next time out and Fianna Failed are going to just dry up.

Well let me tell you something Enda and chums, Fianna Failed are a national institution with zealously loyal supporters at every level, high and low, of this society – and I mean everywhere.  They could commit ethnic cleansing and still they would be popular … so if you think that a new website and a silly game which whacks corrupt politicians over the head will make you more popular, then you are worse than I thought.

Why aren’t the opposition getting every available canvasser and local party man and knocking, policy documents in hand, on every door of the country, every day of the week ?

These f*ckers in the Dáil will not succumb to a video game a fancy website with a big picture of Enda Kenny on it as opposed to in-your-face policies … it will take a gargantuan effort to get them out … and to get you lot in !  These people rely on the apathy of Irish voters to their corruption – they rely on us not giving a shit.

You have it arse about-face Fine Gael, I’m afraid … I await the knock on the door from a Fine Gaeler with positive glee !

A letter to Fine Gael May 27, 2009

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I wrote the following letter to our friends over at the Fine Gael website in the hope that they would clean up their site a little and allow the ordinary punter to do what I came to do on their website – which was to look up their policies to see if I wanted to vote for them.

No surprises then that after a week I haven’t received a reply … it seems they are as clueless as everyone else when it comes to being innovative and using technology to their voting advantage …

As you’ll see in the letter, the site itself is quote technically proficient, but as regards searching for meaningful content, is like looking into a field of thistles !

So Enda and the lads in FG, here’s a voter that wants to like you and your party and who is on the fence … have the decency to reply (I suppose I am presuming there is a process there for answering and monitoring their email box ?  Or is that too much to ask ?)

Hi there,

As a prospective FG voter in the upcoming local elections, I am a little disappointed in your website.  It smacks a little of blowing your own trumpet and having a nice bells-and-whistles website just for the sake of it.  The voter – and in this case, the propsective voter – are not the website’s central focus.

Where are the calls to action ?  Where are the obvious and needed FG election messages and policies that within 10 seconds should register to someone looking at the site ?  Why the big picture of the politicians – without meaning to be rude, everyone knows what they look like already !

One has to search hard on a crowded screen for policies and issues, search for candidates in your area and the results of any clicking on the menu bar on the left appear half ‘below the fold’ i.e. below the bottom of most people’s visible screens.

I’m disappointed that the party I’m trying my best to want to vote for has a technically dazzling website (BBC take off ?) that ultimately fails to deliver on content and presentation of information to the citizens it hopes to attract … just look at the guys over in FF – not as technically proficient a website but sure as hell their election manifesto is the number one thing you see upon entering the site.

Let your readers do what they came to the website to do ! i.e. find out about policies, find out about candidates, register to vote, get involved, contact someone … all things, it would seem, hidden and secondary to smiling politicians and unnecessary technical bumpf !

Is mise …
Rambling Man

PS : Please do me the courtesy of replying with your thoughts on the above.  Impressions of a party, wherever and by whatever means they are made, do count with undecideds !

The bit that really galls me is the huge posed and unnessary pictures of the candidates and party officials looking like tools while pretending to be of the people … I’m still waiting.

Any canvassers out there ? May 13, 2009

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My vote is for sale – well not really but you know what I mean … so far, with only a couple of bare weeks to go to the elections I’ve had just 2 canvassers … 1 a Shinner who I ran out the gate and the other a Fine Gael lady who just literally flung a leaflet into the hall (as the door was open) and went chuckling off down the drive before I had the chance to call after her …

So all you prospective political do-gooders out there – do you really want to get Fianna Fail out of office ? Then come and canvass me and hundreds of people like me and give us a reason to support you ….

Is it any wonder those fuckers have been in for the past 30 years or so … the opposition don’t know how to campaign !