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How much more will we take ? March 8, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Say it like it is.
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I’m angry !

Really fucking angry – steam coming out of my ears, start a revolution kind of angry !  What am I going to do about it ?  Ah, nothin’ really … I’m Irish you see !

Without wanting to get into a full-scale political debate, I want to ask “How much more will Ireland take?”  Not how much can we take, but how much more will we take ?

Suffices to say that if Mother Ireland was a camel, that her back is now well and truly broken by the straws that keep hitting her.  This country has been revealed to be the cesspool of corruption and so-what?-ness (sic) that many feared.

The latest in a long line of stories that would make other democracies (or republics) shit themselves in disbelief broke this morning … the board members from the Dublin Docklands Development Authority have covered themselves in publicity with their caviar, champagne and thousand euro a night hotel rooms.

But I digress lightly from the title of this post – the fact is, that at the end of the day, when push comes to shove, going forward etc. etc. we just don’t give a shit.  We don’t give enough of a shit to change the country.  Bottom line !

The following is all I ever hear in my peers’ political debate : “Ah isn’t such and such an awful chancer” or “Did you see what yer man was doing!” “Terrible isn’t it and the country in the state that it is!” …

Followed quickly by “Sure aren’t they all the same!” or “There’s nobody else to vote for sure!” or “Sure what can we do about it? Aren’t they all as bad as each other!” (or even worse “Wouldn’t you do it if you could get away with it ?”)


“They” might all be as politically inept or financially inexperienced as eachother but that still doesn’t mean you allow the same said inept fools to continue to damage you … if you don’t change Fianna Fáil and the Greens for someone else, they’ll stay where they are and continue to hurt you.  You’ll continue to grumble about it and feel apathetic about it and continue to vote for them because the divil-you-know is better than the divil-you-don’t !  Well electorate of Ireland, you don’t know the fucking half of it with the Divil-you-know that is Fianna Fáil.

Can we wise up ?  Will we wise up ?  Do we honestly give a shit about Ireland and the future of our children ?  Stop blaming it on there being nobody else to vote for !  Stop blaming it on Enda Kenny if you see him as the only alternative !  Blame it on yourselves – on ourselves – for not undertaking our democratic responsibilities enough and figuring out just what we the people want.