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The Fires of Hell … April 28, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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Riddle me this – it’s kind of a half-serious post even if it all just spewed out at once in a humourous way !

The subject is Hell, Hades, the Underworld, Jahannam, call it what you will … where the bad guys end up and somewhere with a complete and irreversible separation from God.  We are wondering what to teach the kids about Hell because the youngest will go to a religious run school and is scared of big, scary monsters like the devil and the concept of the prospect of everlasting torture !  Funny that !

So if the fires of hell are everlasting, as we are taught, they mustn’t be very burny (sic) unless they had an endless supply of flammable material …

Seeing as, at some point in time, the world will end with the coming of God, presumably no humans will be born from then on … and therefore by logical following, there will eventually be a finite number of souls to be burned in hell (even taking into account those fellas eventually thrown out of heaven), meaning that the fire at some point would have nothing to burn ?

– and therefore of course, couldn’t be everlasting … unless in the first place, as mentioned above, it wasn’t burny and only a Mickey Mouse fire, for pure show – one that didn’t really burn you because something cannot be burned indefinitely without disappearing asunder like …

So I think they are either wrong about the fire in that you just get burned alive but it only lasts for as long as your soul lasts in terms of disintegration …


By logical conclusion, there’s no such thing as hell …

And just on that last point, isn’t the greatest trick the divil ever pulled, convincing the world that he didn’t exist – or that maybe his big fire wasn’t as bad as it actually is !!?

Just wondering like … we have to kinda start teaching our kids some religion !