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Limerick FC v Barcelona debacle May 17, 2010

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For those of you that don’t know the story with this one – Limerick FC have pulled off a major coup and arranged for the great Barcelona team – complete with Messers Messi (tee hee) and co. to come to Limerick for a football game on July 31st.

The eejits in the FAI have said “Ah hang on now lads – ya can’t be doing that!” and put a sanction on the game, meaning, that at time of writing, it is now not going ahead.  The FAI are tossers.

Their reason for veto-ing the game is that ‘third-party commercial agreements’ (whatever the hell that means) are to blame and that they – the FAI – are also in negotiations with Barcelona to appear at the new Lansdowne Road Aviva stadium around that date.

Tought shit !  Limerick FC got there first and got agreement from Barcelona – the Spaniards didn’t seem to think that they were crossing a line by agreeing to play in Limerick !

I think this disgruntled fan in Limerick sums it all up nicely …

It has nothing to do with the other league games scheduled (none of which involve Limerick FC of course).
I mean is your sanctioned game in the Aviva Stadium against Manchester United a few days later not taking place on the same day that Bohs are playing in the Champions League qualifiers.
Or that 2 days later there is a full set of fixtures featuring Bohs vs Shells, possibly the biggest game in the league season.

It has nothing to do with third parties.
Sure would the GAA not be a third-party that the FAI was more than willing to get into bed with for the last few years.

It is because firstly, due to the fact that the game is being held in an IRFU venue, ye will receive nothing from this.

In other words.

Secondly, because the greatest club football team in the world coming to Limerick would take some of the gloss off of the Manchester United game that ye are holding in Dublin a few days later.  It kind of lessens your own achievement, and we can’t be having that now could we.

In other words.

And thirdly that ye want Barcelona for yourself, up in Dublin – as in not Limerick – and know that Barcelona are very unlikely to play two full strength friendlies in Ireland.

In other words.

I await the outcome of this one with interest … is it any wonder Roy Keane told them all to feck off and walked out of Saipan ?

** UPDATE More on this story here **

Barcelona – what to do ? January 16, 2008

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My wonderful work colleagues and I are off to Barcelona next weekend for one last great hurrah together before I jet off into the wild blue yonder – they are convinced that I’ll never be heard from again …

Anyway, the lovely city of Barcelona is our destination for a fun fuelled weekend – which is only 2 full days – and not having been there before, I’m asking you good people for your
” Top 5 things to do in Barcelona before you emigrate ! “ list.

So knock yourselves out in the comments – I like most things; a bit of sightseeing, some nice photo opportunities, some shopping, some a lot of eating and drinking, some aimless wandering ….

All suggestions welcome. Gracias !