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What think ye of Tiger ? March 23, 2010

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So, after all his admitted infidelities and sex addiction therapy and apologies and comebacks, what think ye of Tiger Woods – the greatest golfer the planet has ever seen?

Personally speaking, I was so disappointed in him when he cheated on his lovely wife and it was contrary to everything I thought Tiger Woods stood for – heretofore he had been, in my eyes, a model of a man and a sportsman.  I had the pleasure of briefly meeting him a couple of times in my role as a player care marshall at the 2006 Ryder Cup …

So am I glad that Tiger is coming back to golf ?  Hell yeah !  Golf is not as exciting a sport without him and the US Masters at Augusta would not be the same either.  I think the golfing public can forgive him his infidelities – or at least separate them from golf – and he will once again become a crowd favourite.  That’s what I think anyway – he’s too good a golfer not to rise back to the top of his profession.

On the other hand, I hope he has made some ammends with his wife. I am not sure whether they are back together and it’s none of our business in any case – but I wish them well … she sure would have to be the forgiving type.

Immelman wins the Masters April 13, 2008

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South African, Trevor Immelman has just won the US Masters at Augusta, to become the first South African to win that competition since Gary Player in 1978. He shot a final round 73.

He wobbled a bit towards the end, putting his approach on the par 3 16th into the water, but held on to win by 3 from Tiger Woods.

Well done to him – it’s hard to lead from start to finish and he deserves it …

PS – Would whoever wrote or edited this piece on the RTE website about the above golf tournament, please edit it, correct the spellings and repost … for the love of Jaysis, you’re the national broadcaster and a supposed pinnacle of telecomunications !

Fantasy Golf ! February 19, 2008

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A somewhat loaded question was again raised at that veritable institution of scandal – the morning tea break – this morning when the issue arose of ” Who would you most like to (insert appropriate verb here) … ”

Of course, there were a few – both women and men – who guffawed about who they would or wouldn’t bring to a desert island and ahem … “talk to” and other’s topics ranged from people they’d like to see, to places they’d like to go and in our case, people they’d like to play golf with …

All the greats were mentioned … Palmer, Nicklaus, Ballesteros, Woods etc. as was the venue for your favourite mythical four ball … How about You, Woods, Nicklaus and Seve ? At St.Andrew’s ? Wow ! For the record, if I could choose, as mentioned yesterday, Team Twat would take on Tiger Woods and my cousin Aidan (!) in a fourball skins (matchplay on the side) game for, ooh let’s say, $2000 a hole ? Just to play with Tiger and for the 3 of us cousins to stand on a tee and have him tee off with us would be reward enough to forego the dazzling prospect of just myself and another 3 famous golfers ! Awww shucks !

So then the smart arse at the end of the table said “One night of screaming passion with Angelina Jolie or a round of golf at Augusta ?” No prizes for guessing what came out on top … and it wasn’t Mrs. Pitt !