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Marian Finucane sickens my shite ! February 1, 2008

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I’ll just say it again in case the title doesn’t say it loud enough ! Marian Finucane sickens my shite !!

I’m referring to an interview she did last week with English rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio on her RTE program on a Saturday morning. Dallaglio, presumably thought he was there to promote his book and golly gosh, talk a little bit about rugby ! But no, the whining Finucane went to town on him and it became plainly obvious that she disliked him and wanted to put him at distinct unease.

So lots of people in this country claim to not like the English, love to talk about how they don’t like the English all the while not really disliking the English in the first place. It’s a legacy from the much churned out phrase of “800 years of opression” … seems some people still want to continue it.

Anyway, I have a couple of points to make about the interview which made me squirm with embarrassment for a 6 foot 4 hulking rugby player who’s as tough as nails ! Firstly Finucane quizzed him quite stringently about his sister’s death. His sister and himself were invited to a party aboard a yacht and she tragically fell into the Thames and was drowned – so did a few others at the time. He was asked how she died, when she died, what was it like for you when she died  … I mean don’t bring stuff like that up – talk about rugby !

Then she went on to quiz him about his divorce and made him feel bad about it and snorted through her nose when she found out that Dallaglio and his wife had had children before they got married ! The impurity of them !!

But to cap it all off was the attack she whined at him when the topic of the English team not moving along the pitch to meet the president before an England / Ireland match in 2003 was rammed down his throat came up. The “incident” in question provoked great outrage at the time and the self important amongst us it seems, haven’t forgotten – the president was, after all, forced to walk on the grass for a while ! A national disgrace, they called it ! Anyway, Finucane set upon Dallaglio talking about this incident and why the English team didn’t want to move or wouldn’t move onto the red carpet etc. etc. and wouldn’t let it go. I mean the man wasn’t even the captain that day – go get on to Martin Johnson ! Dallaglio gave his explanation – they were “in the zone” and nothing would have moved them .. and it was a fuss about nothing. Which it was ! It didn’t effect the English as they won the grand slam by winning that match. And I’m sure some eejit from Lansdowne Road stirred up the confusion by not telling them where to go …

In any event, both rugby unions apologised for Mary McAleese having to walk on the grass and she, I’m sure, has recovered. But my main point is that we love to have a go at the English at all times – and it’s just not on. The country is under opression from nobody any longer, save ourselves !

So Marian Finucane has plummeted even further in my estimation and an interview I was looking forward to was peppered by me thinking “Why is she asking him that ?” or “Hang on, that’s a bit personal”. My favourite quote from her over the pitch incident was, when it became obvious Dallaglio wasn’t going to formally apologise to the Irish people 4 years on about something over which he had no control – she harrumphed through her nose …”Hmmnfff very unrepentant I see !”

Yep – that one made me proud to be Irish Marian. Turn the other cheek indeed …