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People power restores 24-hour helicopter rescue April 1, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Say it like it is.
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It was with great delight that I read the government are to retract their ludicrous decision to cut the 24-hour coverage of the South East’s R117 helicopter rescue service. What sort of eejits are they to think that, effectively, you are only entitled to be rescued if you go missing or get into difficulties during daylight hours ?

On the day of the U-turn decision – read about it here, here and here – a kayaker was rescued off Hook Head in County Wexford, having ventured out in appalling weather.  It just goes to show that this service is both needed all day and is very effective – ” hats off ” to the crew of the R117 who rescued this man.  Thank you for the risks you take and the service you provide !

I am also impressed by the ground-swell of public anger against the government’s decision to do something like this.   We need to stand up to these unadulterated idiots more often – I call them that because they do not have the first clue of the mindset of their constituents … it is all about money – always about money.  No thought is realistically given to the impact on service when you are trying to cut money !

The Facebook group that was formed certainly helped fuel the fire of anger and awareness of this decision.  Particularly poignant, though, is the comment on the Facebook page from (presumably) a relative of the recently rescued man …

More power to Web 2.0 and tools like Facebook for facilitating such a means of protest … Continue to stand up for yourself Ireland !