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I remember when … the Pope came to Ireland June 24, 2007

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My abiding memory of Pope John Paul II coming to Ireland in 1979, is looking out the back window of my aunt’s car as we drove away from my parents, feeling really upset that I couldn’t go with them. I hadn’t a clue what all the fuss was about – I just knew people were excited and that I wasn’t allowed in on it !

We’re still talking about it. Some people have even written books on the subject. Never has the visit of one man drawn so much attention, warranted and not, and I can remember the days of his visit as if it was yesterday. I can’t remember anything about the actual visit and the praying and all that lark but I remember the excitement more so than anything. I might just as well have been going on a foreign holiday – all I knew was that we were going to Dublin and something was in the air.

Strange then, that I was only 4 years old but I suppose that an occassion of great excitement and activity would burn itself into your memory more so than a trip to the seaside (that ended in your ice cream falling onto the beach and you still attempting to eat most of it !)

The trip ended on a low note for me though, as I now know I never made it to the Phoenix Park. I was landed in my aunt’s care for the day as my parents went off to the park to enjoy themselves … they walked in from Clondalkin ! There’s dedication for you.

I remember when … June 14, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in I remember when ....

I’m thinking about starting a blog series entitled “I remember when …” in which I would outline, to the nodding approval of all my readers, where I was, what I remember or what I was doing on the day that various important and noteworthy events happened.

Whaddayathink ?  Do you remember where you were on September 11th ? or July 7th or the day the Pope came to Ireland ? or when the Berlin Wall fell … Were the events significant enough to always associate themselves in your head with something you were doing – and you can remember them years later ??

Stay tuned for the first installment in the next few days … “I remember when … London was attacked”