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What volcanic ash does to an engine ! April 21, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.
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Ever wanted to know what happens when volcanic ash hits a plane’s engines ? Sit back and let this jolly fellow tell you … and then be thankful the airlines are cancelling flights !



1. Kathleen Cole - April 21, 2010

We don’t want any service we enjoy delayed or canceled. In the wake of disaster, though, we scream bloody murder, “Why the hell wasn’t anyone on top of this!?” “The bastards only cared about the money!”

2. Rambling Man - April 21, 2010

yep ! you can’t blame anyone but Mother Nature – and God knows we abuse her a lot !!

3. Gabor Maki - May 9, 2010

But hey, what will be the solution of the situation if there will be a more long-lasting erruption? New engines? some filters? or can we do sg with the vulcan, to send out less ash?
Nobody talks about the solution…

4. Rambling Man - May 10, 2010

i guess theres not a lot of things we can do to the volcano gabor – its too powerful

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