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Litter Bugs – we start ’em young ! April 15, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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We start ’em young in this country, that’s for sure.  And we care little, that’s plainly obvious too !

The local park on a sunny day – tons of walkers, kids, cyclists – lovely !

I speak of a chap – he was 14 or so – who can only be described as a right little scrote !  School uniform clad and munching some generic sandwich, he and his mate strolling along; he picks the paper off the sandwich and fires it without looking right over his head onto the ground.

This galls me and pushes all the right buttons – soon I have the paper in my hand and catch up to him ..

“Eh you dropped this !” says I, holding up the paper.

“No, I didn’t !” says he, sheepishly.

“Yes you f*cking well did” says I “I was 3 yards behind you!  Now please put it in that bin over there!”

He refuses to take the paper back from me and mumbles something I’m sure only his mate and several near extinct species of pond scum can understand …

So I roll up the paper into a ball and push it right into the sandwich box that he’s holding …

“Put it in the bin NOW !” says I “Or I’ll report you to the council and to your school!”  At this point I walked on … “F*ck sake” he mumbles after me.

I turned around in about 10 seconds and he was waiting with a defiant grin he can only have learned from his elders – he throws the paper on the ground again, this time along with the rest of his lunch, and gives me the bird.

14 or 15 years old – in a respectable school – a bin 10 yards in from of him.  What to do in such cases ? Report him ? Clatter him ! Fine him ?

Modern Ireland, ladies and gentlemen !  Who gives a rat’s arse ?



1. SK - April 15, 2010

I would’t defend the guy, but I don’t think your approach with him was going to work. At the end of the day you have no clout over him so of course he was going to take a FU attitude. When I see gratuitious behaviour like that I try to shame the person into thinking twice the next time. I just go up to them and say something like “That is pretty disgusting, I really wish you didn’t do that”. You can’t really give them orders, but you can make them pause and wonder who is looking at hem the next time they go to do something like this. Just my views anyway.

Rambling Man - April 17, 2010

yeah you’re probably right seamus. i just get so annoyed with things like that … less of a shite he couldnt have given. times have changed i guess from when we’d be mortified or terrified to throw something away.

2. Kathleen Cole - April 16, 2010

Do report him to his school. Go in person, and speak with a Dean or Headmaster. Follow up in writing and ask the school to call the boy accountable. More important ask them to educate students in environmental issues and involve its students in volunteer park cleanup.

As in the case of the kid too tired, after a night of sexual exertion in his parents’ home, to participate in a match, parents are the key. By turning a blind eye to irresponsible, destructive and disrespectful behavior, we’re saying, “You’re not worth the effort.”

To the schools and Church we’re saying, “I have other fish to fry. Anyway I employed you to teach him to respect himself and others.” It is how children become vulnerable to a range of ignorance and abuse. It’s how we end up with so, so many people who cannot take responsibility for their actions.

Rambling Man - April 17, 2010

yes i think i shall write a letter to the principal .. ta kathleen

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