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Alleged assassination plot March 10, 2010

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.
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So it seems that a number of people were arrested here in Waterford yesterday over an alleged assassination plot – the plot is linked to a Swedish cartoonist who depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad having the body of a dog.  Something that is most offensive to Muslims.

There are many facets to the argument of whether it is wrong to ridicule someone’s religious beliefs and as to whether it is OK to publish said ridicule, whilst knowing that the subject will offend.  In the case of Muslim people, their religion being of the utmost importance to them, ridicule of their religion offends deeply.  I mean why bother offending someone ?  To sell papers ?  To defend the freedom of speech ?

So I think that, within reason, we should not offend anyones religion – Muslim, Catholic, Jew, whatever – if we are of another faith or none at all.   We know people get so offended and go to different extremes to show their anger … simply, why bother offending someone ?  Is it irresponsible to be going around printing stories about terrorists and so on when these people have not yet even been charged ?  Will the damage not have been done ?  These days you have to be very careful about what is printed in the media because of the damage words can cause.

If a story was printed in mainstream media about the Holocaust not having happened, or Mary being a bit of a floozie, or Buddha being fat or whatever, do you think there would not be outcry by those offended ?  I mean, for God’s sake (ooops) we now have a law in Ireland making it a crime if someone takes umbrage to your comments on their beliefs – so the Muslims are not the only ones who get angry.

I think it just might be a little daring at the moment to make fun of the Muslim reaction to their religion being criticized.



1. Kathleen Cole - March 10, 2010

Islamic zealots have put religious dogma above the most basic rights of “unbelievers.” They have done so in the name of God’s Prophet, opening a door. While snickering at a ludicrous depiction of a holy figure isn’t my style, freedom of speech is a genuine issue, given the enormity of crimes committed in the name of Jihad.

The Prophet’s fanatical believers have done him no favors, but
why the incendiary depiction? Whether it is regrettable, or not, are we seriously criticizing the artist and his publisher? Islamic bullies haven’t engendered any desire in me to defend their faith.

2. SK - March 11, 2010

The fundamental point behind Freedon of Speech is that unpopular speech is the type that must be defended most. If just because someone finds what you have to say offensive you are to be censored then one of the cornerstones of our society is gone.

This week you can’t parody the muslims, next week you can’t say a priest is a child molestor because that is offensive to catholics…

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