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On strange sayings June 16, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish, Say it like it is.
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“Can I get a pint of Carlsberg offya !” says one of the lads recently at the pub.

I thought it a strange way to ask for something … I mean, isn’t it obvious that you are requesting something from the vendor without having to add the offya to the end of the order ?

Shop assistant : “Next please !”
Blaa native : “Can I get 3 sausage rolls offya please ?”

It causes no end of consternation amongst the plethora of non-nationals* who staff our catering services …. a silly turn of phrase, I’m sure you’ll agree …

* non national – meaning you’re not a national of Ireland, has got to be the stupidest and most ignorant phrase doing the rounds these days.  A non national !

You are a person with NON put in front of your name … I mean who comes up with this drivel ? Just thinking outside the box, going forward and picking the low hanging fruit while I’m at it, would someone please give me a heads up and an indicative time-frame on the end of the analysis paralysis going on in Ireland at present !  It’s akin to trying to boil the ocean !



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