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On “being a disaster” June 15, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Say it like it is.
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I shared my plane home yesterday with a bunch of lovely girls from the area – they were coming back from a shopping trip in Manchester and all seemed to have had a great weekend. There wasn’t an eff this or eff that uttered among them …. refreshing !

But there’s always one … let’s call her Shirley – Shirley was part of this group and come boarding time, was nowhere to be seen. I mean, plane about to leave, throw your bags out on the tarmac, phone off, nowhere to be seen … and so ensued a little bit of panic and a lot of talk about how Shirley was a walking disaster, how she’d lose her head if it wasn’t screwed on and how some of the girls were lucky they had only been on holiday with her the once etc.etc.

So my question is this – what makes someone “a disaster” in that sense ?  We all know the type – due to meet your girlfriend at 8pm but at 8.10 you decide its time to go, only to view yourself in the mirror and decide you’ve still time for a shower !

Shirley lost her passport, her bag and God knows what else – all in the space from the security checks to the gate … and had to rely on the kindness of the airline to get it back for her … Aer Arann are certainly not Ryanair and if they expanded their destination schedule a little, they’d get lots more customers.

So why is it that some people cannot consciously handle a process like checking in, walking through security and walking to a gate within a given time period ?  If you have time to arse about then arse about – if not, don’t !  Or is it that they get so befuddled and messed up about how “they’ll never manage it” that that very thing stands in the way of them not managing it !

Wrecks my head … but at the same time, watching her was funny !  It was all in good humor which coupled with the quick hop home (15 mins from the airport !) made for a fine weekend …

PS : Although he could be, Colm Diver is not Shirley !



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