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A little gem June 10, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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A little gem I heard today in the Potato Market car park in Limerick … in relation to new shoes that were killing my colleague …

“You should wear new shoes a while love, before you put them on !”



1. Hangar Queen - June 11, 2009

A real classic there. Along the lines of ” Book of Resurrections” (instructions) and ” A soo-gan-eer fer the helmet” (souvenir for the pelmet).

2. Rambling Man - June 11, 2009

devin, my dear, i’m afraid you lost me with that last one ? a souvenir for a helmet ? like a cap or something ?

maybe I’m just thick ?

3. Cherd - June 15, 2009

While obviously you are thick I have to say you are dammed unlucky…having to go to Limerick and Liverpool in the same week. Are you trying to make good for previous venials?

4. Rambling Man - June 15, 2009

i still can’t get devin’s analogy ! whats a pelmet ?

5. Hangar Queen - June 16, 2009

A pelmet is a sort of shelf over a window. Much like a mantle over a fireplace. You’d see them in older houses and often they would be covered in a fabric similar to the curtain material if not the very same. It used to be a favoured place to store souvenirs deemed too ugly for eye-level storage. Millions of Marbellan velvet flamenco dancers and three legged thingys from the Isle of Man gather dust upon them.

Rambling Man - June 16, 2009

ah now i have ya ! a pelmet … yeah never had one of those in our house … the plastic venice boat and the badly dressed bull fighter were proudly displayed on the “sideboard” … lovely !

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