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The Loner May 4, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

The Loner
by the Rambling Man

A laughing scar adorns his face – this man
smiling a grudging smile that his mouth does not show;
his eyes cast down upon his dreams, gathered close around his feet.
Where a broken cup saves the shrapnel coins of annoyed passers-by,
but there still sits the loner.
alone but for his thoughts –
And the looks that friendly eyes might throw.

I was once like you, you know.
you upright man with a fine coat
and more worried about the rain than about a bed.
or thinking how to face another day in the crowded desert of this town;
its walls that once gave me comfort long torn down;
The roof that shelters me is not my own.
on a friday night you laugh and drink your cares away …
I do the same and cry.

My remorseful thoughts diminish with every further step,
and soon the loner enters not a notion.
until again we meet, three hours hence for me
and longer space of time for him.
for all that he sits, his reason still below his feet.
His eyes meet mine and tell at once a story,
of a man once like me, you know.  speaking reems with every
silent moment that passes like the damp air between.

I remember you, kind man, from the eyes that glanced before
with smirk of sorrow and the muted words, as you went along your way.
for the coins you found and fumbled, i give you thanks;
they less good to me as a connection, however brief.
For it is the small reminders, that i was once like you, which allow
the ounce of hope to smoulder that i might be again.  i feel like saying
there good sir but for the greace of god go you
but this burden is mine to keep, for as long as i must.
For those are not dreams that lie at my feet but stones that do not judge.



1. Francis Mahon - May 7, 2009

Very powerful stuff. I’m glad I waited until I had a few minutes to take my time over reading it.


Rambling Man - May 8, 2009

thanks francis – from a writer such as yourself, that means a lot

2. furiouscuriouscancersurvivor - August 10, 2015

Reblogged this on Week of the loner and commented:

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