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RTÉ player April 29, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Well worth a look – RTÉ Player for catching up on all your favourite RTÉ shows – even the shit ones we pay them a meaningless licence fee for … the downside ? you still have to sit through the ads !



1. Francis Mahon - April 30, 2009

At least you get to see the ads!

There is some little bug (yet to be ironed out, according to the development team), that stops me from viewing shows which feature inserted advertisements at the start. It only affects my Mac though, but the screen on the Linux netbook is a bit small…

2. Rambling Man - April 30, 2009

serves ya right for having “foreign” operating systems ! haha. good to hear from you francis …

3. Reggie - May 7, 2009

And at least you get to *see* the programs! When I click on it, I get told that the service is restricted to Ireland and Northern Ireland.

I stay in South Africa, am a bit nuts about your neck of the woods, and would love to watch RTE (well, SOME of the stuff anyway). Even the BBC radio websites give me grief.

Though I understand that they don’t want me to watch because I don’t pay licence fees over there, it’s still annoying.

Rambling Man - May 8, 2009

i didnt tell you this but there are websites you can go to that will allow you to bypass all the regional stuff and view what you want … dont know if its fully legal … regards from ireland where 5 minutes ago it was lashing rain and now i can feel the heat from the evaporating steam (sun is out!)

Reggie - May 8, 2009


I didn’t know that!

But I wouldn’t want to get anyone into trouble with ‘the law’, so I shan’t inquire any further. ;-P Well, not here, anyway. 😉

Congrats on persuading the sun to come out! It came out here too today, and it was truly magnificent after two days of cold, wet, fog and drizzle. Me washing even dried on the line!

May it stay warm and sunny up in Ireland, so that you get a chance to have a PROPER summer like we have here.

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