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Mrs. Murphy’s April 23, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

This post will not mean a whole lot to most of you but what the hell anyway …

Mrs. Murphy’s was one of the iconic images of my childhood – the earlier part of which was spent in Clondalkin, Co.Dublin. Her’s was a house at the end of our road, on its own patch of land and surrounded by a stone wall. We used to get the 51B bus to town from right outside. I was only ever in the building itself once as far as I can remember … it smelled of old people and cats and I vaguely remember being given a handbag flavoured sweet of some sort while my Aunt and Mrs. Murphy chatted away.

It was a cross between a mock Tudor style cottage complete with black and white quoins running up the outside, and a fairy story woodland cottage – just not as classy looking ! It had chimney right in the middle of the house and a red oak door … often when we would pass, Mrs. Murphy would stare out the door and we would say “Hello” but the old dear wouldn’t know one child from another …

As time passed, the “village” of Clondalkin grew up around her, and pubs, shops and housing estates graced the fields opposite and surrounding her house … still hers remained and the cottage increasingly became a part of vanishing Dublin and very much out-of-place with new Ireland. I don’t know when I last saw Mrs. Murphy but she is long dead – “Lorda’ mercy onner” as my Aunt would say …

Yesterday as I drove towards the ancestral family home, I noticed Mrs. Murphy’s was gone – completely gone, save for the battered stone wall surrounding the plot on the corner of Station Road. Ragged grass was growing where the house had once stood – a sign of the times – a developer purchasing the site and now not being able to complete the multitude of houses or some such that I suppose were to go there.

I was sad for a brief time. Mrs. Murphy’s was one of those things you just remember and that stick in your head. I suppose there really is no stopping progress, good or bad.



1. Coastal Aussie - April 25, 2009

That was a really lovely blog post. Such a sweet story. I’d be sad too, to see the house was gone. It sounds like it was a little bit magical, and certainly very special.

2. Rambling Man - April 22, 2010

just looking back over old posts – thanks for the comment ! I’m delighted to be back blogging again 🙂

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