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Gerry McGovern April 30, 2009

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Top man – nuff said !


Pack it Yourself ! April 30, 2009

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Is anyone else ever so slightly (in a teeny-weeny way) peeved off at this business in shops of packing stuff yourself ? I don’t mean in big supermarkets where you normally pack things yourself anyway but in little corner shops and like today, in my local bookstore ?

I bought a paperback and was asked upon payment would I like a paper bag. Yes please I said, and she handed me one ! … with the book sitting on the counter still.

I’ve little to be worrying about … but if I buy a clatter of groceries in a shop and to tote them home I need some bags, then wouldn’t it not become the shop assistant to fill them for me instead of opening the bag and leaving it on the counter ?

As I said … little to be worrying about !

RTÉ player April 29, 2009

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Well worth a look – RTÉ Player for catching up on all your favourite RTÉ shows – even the shit ones we pay them a meaningless licence fee for … the downside ? you still have to sit through the ads !

Message in a Bottle April 29, 2009

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My interest was drawn to a remarkable story in today’s Times On-line website, which incidentally is one of the best on-line resources around …

It details of a message in a bottle, written in desperation by 7 prisoners in the death camp of Auschwitz, late in 1944. As the article says, we can suppose they were trying to leave some semblance of themselves to be remembered after they were gone.

At least one of the prisoners, a Frenchman, survived and has been tracked down in Marseilles. Go to the site and read their story – it is interesting and at the same time harrowing …


Why do I feel bad ? April 27, 2009

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Why do I feel bad ? I’ve just said “Thanks but no thanks !” quite firmly to a Sinn Fein canvasser after promising that I wouldn’t turn anyone away (except FF !) … he was a well dressed, middle aged man and said “No bother at all, young man !” but still I can’t help feeling that I would’ve been wasting his time … I couldn’t vote for them at this stage. I wasn’t rude or anything but …..

To soften matters a little, we are about to tuck into the first produce from our spring garden – a small head of round lettuce – its a bit bitter but I’ll make sure I enjoy it !

Mrs. Murphy’s April 23, 2009

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This post will not mean a whole lot to most of you but what the hell anyway …

Mrs. Murphy’s was one of the iconic images of my childhood – the earlier part of which was spent in Clondalkin, Co.Dublin. Her’s was a house at the end of our road, on its own patch of land and surrounded by a stone wall. We used to get the 51B bus to town from right outside. I was only ever in the building itself once as far as I can remember … it smelled of old people and cats and I vaguely remember being given a handbag flavoured sweet of some sort while my Aunt and Mrs. Murphy chatted away.

It was a cross between a mock Tudor style cottage complete with black and white quoins running up the outside, and a fairy story woodland cottage – just not as classy looking ! It had chimney right in the middle of the house and a red oak door … often when we would pass, Mrs. Murphy would stare out the door and we would say “Hello” but the old dear wouldn’t know one child from another …

As time passed, the “village” of Clondalkin grew up around her, and pubs, shops and housing estates graced the fields opposite and surrounding her house … still hers remained and the cottage increasingly became a part of vanishing Dublin and very much out-of-place with new Ireland. I don’t know when I last saw Mrs. Murphy but she is long dead – “Lorda’ mercy onner” as my Aunt would say …

Yesterday as I drove towards the ancestral family home, I noticed Mrs. Murphy’s was gone – completely gone, save for the battered stone wall surrounding the plot on the corner of Station Road. Ragged grass was growing where the house had once stood – a sign of the times – a developer purchasing the site and now not being able to complete the multitude of houses or some such that I suppose were to go there.

I was sad for a brief time. Mrs. Murphy’s was one of those things you just remember and that stick in your head. I suppose there really is no stopping progress, good or bad.

How is this lucky ? April 16, 2009

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I’m not going to mention all the lies our other-planet dwelling government spouted in last week’s budget and what they are now saying those statements actually mean … I’d be too upset – genuinely. Upset at them and upset that the majority of voters feel there is no alternative so will ensure Fianna Fail (fada intentionally ommitted) will be again the biggest party in the June local elections …

Anyway … today is a day for asking whether readers believe it’s lucky to have a bird shit on you ? As you can see from the image below, a pigeon (and I HATE pigeons) decided to evacuate its bowels onto my shoulder yesterday as I waited for the bus … I never saw it, heard it or felt it until my wife laughed her arse off as I appeared at the door …


Lucky ? I think not because whatever this demon bird was eating has left a seemingly uncleanable stain on my “good” jacket !

Mork April 15, 2009

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I was up in Dundrum “Town Centre” the other day – round here we’d call it the soopermarket ! but anyway … I digress …

It’s just that there seems to be a new Christian name doing the rounds and I’m wondering did you lot ever hear of it before ? Either that or Mums ‘n Dads have taken a fierce fit of naming male children after a famous 80s TV character from Outer Space …

Can you imagine … “Come in this instant Mork ! Yer dinner’s poured out !”

Mork …. me hole

Word of the Day : Swingeing April 7, 2009

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Swingeing, adjective, pr. swɪɳjɪŋɡ
severe; punishingly bad;

Used in a sentence :
Swingeing is the sort of budget the corrupt Irish government is enforcing on it’s people today while the banker wankers get bonuses and are let off scott free …

Golfers will love this ! April 6, 2009

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Hunt’s goal – no doubt about it ! April 3, 2009

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Come on Robbie – own up !  Noel Hunt scored the equaliser against the Italians !  End of …

Pic of the Week ! April 2, 2009

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” Lads is there somewan after draggin’ shite in around the place !?”


Sorry … I know I am warped … I couldn’t resist because I step in dog crap all the time !

Just expressing ourselfs ! April 1, 2009

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Indeed and you are, you law breaking simpleton !
This barely legible, luminous pink scrawl is to be seen on the stretch of recently cleaned wall in central Waterford.  The sham “artist” actually has the balls* to complain about his previous graffiti being painted over by the Council !

” Ah lads will ye not let me do a bit of simple oul graffiti ” …

Simple is right !

  • What is the correct way to describe the lack of courage (i.e. balls) if the artiste was a woman ?  Is “balls” in this sense, unisex ?