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Off to Nerja March 26, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

It is with great delight that I take to the skies this afternoon as I jet off to Nerja to attend a mate’s wedding. Unfortunately, Mrs. Rambling Man and the kiddies are not accompanying me on this occasion as we couldn’t get anyone to mind aforementioned bundles of trouble delight.

It’s one of those quick 2 day jaunts because you can’t afford to stay any longer and so are left feeling completely unprepared and not really allowing yourself to realise that in 6 hours or so I’ll be sitting on a balcony, surrounded by the best friends I’ve ever had, drinking cerveza to “bate the band” !   Now I am really starting to get excited !

I do have a slight clothing dilemma to get around before I jump in the car and drive to Shannon airport – the groom just texted to say it’s 26 degrees and all’s gubbins here has packed is sensible trousers and no shorts ! So I’ll have to dash home and destroy the wardrobe before heading off and hope that I don’t get stuck in traffic in the worse place in Ireland for chaos – Tipperary town !

Catch you on the flip side … I’m off to cut one of those Brian Cowen pictures out of the paper and post it on the wall of the airpalne jacks !  That should literally scare the sh*t out of a few flyers …



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