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Were you ever “drownded wet” ? March 15, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

“I’m drownded wet !!” spluttered my colleague, as he finally found cover from the torrential rain filled day we had yesterday. “Drownded feckin’ wet !”, says he struggling with a sweater that has shrunk at least one size and is a battle with dexterity and modesty to remove, such is its water retention capacity.

Interesting choice of phrase don’t you think ? and perhaps one that is all too familiar to the average Irish person, as most of us are most obsessed with the weather or the lack of the good sort of same … but I wonder if I was to say that to a native of an area more accustomed to swimming pools than swimming pool sized potholes.

“You’re what ?” – “I’m drownded !”

Presumably the word is some sort of bastardisation of the word ‘drowned’ which as it happens involves being very wet at some stage during its unfortunate process.

So you’re as wet as you would be if you were drowned ?? or theres so much rain falling that you could perhaps drown in it ?

Never being ones for exaggeration I think the first person that came up with this phrase knew that people at large would go for it, because after all, theres no point being caught out in the rain (wet rain at that!) if you can’t come in out of it and complain to someone about its how wet it was !

drownded wet, noun, pr. drownded wet
drownded, noun, pr. drown-ded

Meaning being wet from rain or other watery substances to the degree that you might as well have rolled around in a filled bath to start with.



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