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Cowen fiddles while Ireland burns March 13, 2009

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Well I’m just shocked, devastated, feeling betrayed and dismayed all at the one time !  It seems our government, in their limitless wisdom and from whatever planet they are currently on, have seen fit to give some of the number a €3,000 pay rise !

A rise !  Yes that’s right folks – when people are losing their jobs and livelihoods all over the place, pension levies, income tax increases and all manner of talk about other tax increases abound, the politicians are giving themselves MORE money.  Cowen and his cronies are fiddling – in all senses of the word – while Ireland literally burns before them.

So here are my addled thoughts on the matter …

1) If you – Joe and Josephine Citizen – could get away with it, would you do it too ?
2) Do we care enough to do anything about this sort of lark ?
3) Why do I have the feeling that Fianna Fáil will not do that badly in the June local elections after all ?

Just questions I would like the answers to, from ordinary members of the public who have been hit by the recession.  “Oh it’s terrible isn’t it?” says a colleague of mine this morning, “The neck on them !” … but what are we going to DO about it ?  Nothing … because we don’t care enough, is the answer.

I keep hearing “Sure what’s the alternative ?”  Fine Gael and Labour are not better – Do you know what ? – you’re probably right but the alternative is what the alternative is – a bloody alternative !  I would rather teach these fuckers in government a lesson by voting in another shower of political point scoring incompetents, than by leaving the current kleptocracy* in place !    You then hurt them in the only place they know … in the ballot box.

So as we nurse yet another sore arse this morning (from being ridden solid), I have a bone to pick with the man I voted for.  Senator John Paul Phelan of Kilkenny.  The Irish Independent rang him (and the others) getting this pay rise yesterday to see if they were going to accept it, given the harrowing circumstances many find themselves in … and his answer will, I hope, come back to burn the fingers off him !  He was accepting the pay rise, he told the paper, because … wait for it … he wants “a level playing field” !

So, there you have it – our politicians are so delusional that they think by taking a pay rise in a time of unbridled and unprecedented economic turmoil (not to mention the rest of us losing money), they are contributing to a “level playing field” by taking a rise !  They get more – we get less – yes, only in Ireland is that “level”.

Mr.Phelan, I am devastated that I voted for you and convinced my wife to do the same – I actually met you on the hustings and you convinced me you had some good ideas … Any chance you’d give me a bit of the €3,000 to make up for the cuts in wages I’ve been battling with – especially since now my wife is out of work ?  No ?  Thought not !

Still, a vote lost here and there won’t do you any harm will it ?  We’ll see at the next election !

I’m thinking of writing to your party leader – Enda Kenny – a man I’ve always admired, to tell him of my troubles – but he’s on 17 days holidays for St.Patrick’s Day and not available !  That’s right – 17 !!  We get one day off – and they get 17 !

I think if I could get away with it, I’d ride the lot of ye too !

* kleptocracy – a brilliant word, stolen from the talented Devin.


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