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Without Custard December 10, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Emigration, General Bloggery, Poetry & Humor.

Well dear readers, the good news is I’m back !! but not just yet … I am returning from the Antipodes early in the New Year and blogging can again start in earnest – I must say I’ve missed it.

Now on to a little New Zealand ditty picked up this morning in my local bakery …

Me: Can I have an apple scroll please ?
Assistant: Sure. Do you want the one with custard in it or the uncustarded one ?
Me: Erm … the one with no custard perhaps ?
Assistant: Sweet. The uncustarded one it is !
So there you have it … the adjective to describe the lack of custard in a scroll … uncustarded !  You heard it here first !



1. Hangar Queen - December 12, 2008

Aaaaand he’s back….even if he is sans custard. Welcome back fella

2. rambling man - December 13, 2008

thanks devin – i spent a good while there the other night on your blog catching up with the news … congrats again … and i heard annie rhianon dropped by the other week for a go of the AK ! looking forward to more of your wit !

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