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Some Long Shut Place September 24, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.
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Some Long Shut Place

by the Rambling Man

I thought i heard you today
beyond in the parlour
rummaging in a drawer or some long shut place
a chair emitting your creak, too light to be anyone else

and yesterday too
when the child fell in the bathroom,
shushing the tears and the crying with silence.
Every so often you’d hold her, and she’d stop.

I think i hear you often
in her and in me and in things long forgotten.
a glance or a cough or a smell.
I stop for a minute and check, just to be sure.

I need you today
for the head is full of oul crap
like stale oil trying to start a new engine
churning and flying and not moving an inch.

I think you can hear me today
thrun in a heap and distressed.
get up now and get out in the fresh air, you’d say
and so i did.