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It’s the little things #2 April 14, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Emigration.

Continuing with the theme of things that tickle us in NZ – all in a good way …

  • the way they say “kaaysssh” when they mean ‘cache‘.
  • Pukekos … you got to see one to know … pr. Poo-kee-cos
  • the way people thank one another for riding in a lift with them … even though everyone gets in and out at random floors and nobody might know anyone !
  • the (slight) stigma people have about not packing their own bags in the supermarket – so much so that they won’t even shop there !   Come to Ireland folks … you’ll have to buy the bags first and then pack them yourself !!
  • Sushi with pizza strapped to it !
  • Free parking


1. His Girl Friday - April 19, 2008

my galpal’s hubby is from NZ…I’ll have to ask to him to sound out this word… Hey, A, say this, ….’cache’!! 😉 (no doubt he’ll look at me quite strangely! 😉
…not sure about the pizza sushi :p
They’re definitely polite.
The one thing that drives my friend crazy is when they wash their dishes, they don’t rinse. Just put dishes still dripping with soap and water, into the drying stand.

so, packing my own bags which I’ve brought or bought, and no free parking is what I have to look forward to when I go to Eire? As well as a road through the Tara area??

2. Rambling Man - April 27, 2008

yep pretty much ! oh and overpriced beer

3. His Girl Friday - April 29, 2008

Well, that’s no fun… 😉

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