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It’s a Dog’s Life March 1, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Poetry & Humor.

I am currently clearing out the picture library on my phone and came across this lovely picture that I had forgotten to post earlier.

This fella was lying in the back of his owner’s car while they were doing “the messages” … he didn’t bat an eyelid when we walked past ! Just sighed and looked forlornly at the car park – I guess nobody would try and mess with ‘his’ car !


I also love the selection of twigs next to him – reminds me of ‘stick gathering’ missions with my mother when I was a young ‘un …



1. Coastal Aussie - March 1, 2008

Aww, so cute.. and would you believe that I was just taking a photo like that, of my own dog under my desk here. 🙂

2. His Girl Friday - March 1, 2008

he does look bored; hope they gave him a treat!

don’t ask me why but I thought of these ads: the trunk monkey

3. laurie - March 2, 2008

i wonder if the pup collected those sticks himself? out of boredom?

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