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All Around the World #2 February 23, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Sorry to keep on about this stats thing, but today I did it !  Got hits on my blog from all 5 continents and a few more far flung places besides !

Europe – Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Poland
Middle East –  Dubai, Iran
Far East / Asia – India, Phillipine Islands, South Korea, Hong Kong
Africa – Nigeria, South Africa
North America – USA – just about everywhere, Canada, Mexico !
South America – Chile !

So thanks to the guy/gal in Santiago de Chile for completing my round the world trip !

There endeth the self obsessed statistics posts …



1. His Girl Friday - February 23, 2008

hahaha…you’re not alone in this!! 🙂

ps. I’ve not had someone from Ireland post on my blog yet….well, my cousin has, but that doesn’t count as she’s living in the UK….so, hint, hint… ;DD

2. His Girl Friday - February 26, 2008


Hopefully here in the future, I’ll be adding a ‘dot’ from NZ as well!! ;))

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