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Castro resigns as Cuban leader February 19, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.
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It appears this morning that Cuba is facing the end of an era with the announcement that it’s leader of almost 50 years, Fidel Castro, has resigned as President.

Castro, 81 – the world’s longest serving leader – has been ill and frail for some time and handed over power to his brother Rául in 2006. Writing in the Cuban daily paper Granma he says :

“I neither will aspire to nor will I accept – I repeat – I neither will aspire to nor will I accept, the position of president of the council of state and commander in chief ”.

Cuba’s national assembly are due to meet this Sunday to decide various positions, possibly including the now resigned position of president. Having never visited Cuba, I am sad that I now will never see the country during the reign of Castro as I’m sure it will change at a fast rate. I wonder will McDonald’s be one of the first ??



1. Micheál Caomhánach - February 19, 2008

Comhgháirdeas, a Fhánaí, ar do Bhlog. Bhíos ag lorg Blog bunaithe ar Loch Garman nuair a tháinig ar an mblog agatsa. Tá sé ar fheabhas ar fad agus beidh mé leat as seo amach. Lean leis an deá-obair.

2. His Girl Friday - February 19, 2008

I think you will have time to visit “Fidel’s” Cuba, as in my opinion it won’t change that much that soon. Perhaps after his brother resigns/passes there will be some change (and, yes, hopefully not too American with the shopping malls and McDonalds). I do think the Cubans are protective of their culture, at least the ones I met are.

It will be interesting to see how many of the US Cuban-expats will return to Cuba. My sis-in-law’s mum is Cuban and left when Castro was first coming into power. She can’t stand him, nor what he’s done to her country. She will most likely stay here, but I’m sure she will be down there asap to visit family she’s not seen in over 30 yrs.
Well, just my thoughts on the matter! 🙂

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