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Statcounter rocks February 16, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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Statcounter, the free on-line based website statistics package just plain rocks !  Not only do you get a decent amount of statistics of different types, you get a good enough log size for free !

So how does it work ?  You add a small piece of invisible code to every page on your site that you want to record activity on and open an account with Statcounter.  I have it both on this blog and on our main websites at work and the results are fantastic – you can tell down to the city or town who is looking at your site, where they are and how they came to you … and they now have a code snippet especially for blogs.

Exicting stuff if you are in to it or your business depends on the geography of your users !

Based on the stats for my site I think I should write more posts concerning the great country of America and I might just well do that, given the shennanigans beginning to unfold in the race for the White House.

Just this morning I’ve gotten American visits from Peoria – Arizona,  Dixon – Illinois,  Nashville – Tennessee and Tuscaloosa – Alabama, as well as several more from the bigger cities.  Across the world, I’ve been hit from Tallinn – Estonia, Quezon City – Philippine Islands,  Baku – Azerbaijan and Osaka – Japan.  The Japanese visitor, obviously lost, ended up staying for 48 seconds !  See !  Tonnes of useless useful information …

So there you go – check out Statcounter and tell ’em I sent ya !



1. laurie - February 16, 2008

i’ve been using statcounter for about six months now. it’s great.

for me, the most fun is seeing someone stumble across my blog through a google search and then sit down and read page after page….

makes me feel good.

sometimes the city/state stuff isn’t where the reader is from, but where their internet provider is located. so it can be a bit misleading in that way. (my sister, who lives here in minnesota, shows up as california.) but in general you can trust it.

2. Heh - February 16, 2008

Another .ee visitor registered. 😉

3. Rambling Man - February 18, 2008

Tervist Heh !

4. Rambling Man - February 18, 2008

yeah laurie i was wondering that too about the ISPs … wheres yours so I can flag it ? (my most regular reader) 😉

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