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Culchie speak February 2, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

I got sent this list of gems from a colleague this morning and have been chuckling away merrily all day … us culchies are great eh !?

First of all a definition for the international jet set amongst you – a culchie is, broadly speaking, a country person, from outside Dublin who’d be more offay with a pick up truck than a pick up line, or prefers a John Deere to a BMW.

Us Culchies love to do and say all sorts of things that non-culchie and city folk would think strange like ….

– “That’s a grand bit of ham !”
– “It’s too cold to snow !”
– “There’s a grand stretch in the evenings”
– Saying “Aaah” after taking their first sup of tea.
– Being starved with the cold rather than with a lack of food.
– Winning a leg of lamb in a raffle.
– Spitting in their hands before doing anything manual.
– “Puttin’ down” a hard day’s work.
– “Puttin’ down the spuds” – which means the opposite of the previous remark.
– Digging holes.
– Building walls.
– Mohammed Ali, in general.

Great little country if you could only roof ‘er.



1. laurie - February 2, 2008

ah this sounds like rural minnesotans talking! too cold to snow is quite familiar to me…. and we have meat raffles here in bars, where you can win packs and packs of bacon, or steaks.

but i don’t understand the muhammed ali reference. can you explain?

2. Rambling Man - February 2, 2008

he’s a hero over here … he’s the benchmark for every boxer

3. His Girl Friday - February 3, 2008

I like the whole pick up trucks and tractors…looks like I fit in with that! 🙂

after that one photo (kids/skates), I can see why you’re familiar with ‘too cold to snow’ 😉

4. Kathlyn - February 5, 2008

seem to remember on a cold and sunny day 25th sept?? baby boy born in

DUBLIN re check culchie??

5. Kathlyn - February 5, 2008


go easy on marian she is my favourite

6. Rambling Man - February 5, 2008

mother dear – marian finucane has an anti english agenda and gives my arse a headache … your favourite or not

i might have been born in dublin but is far from it i was reared ! you can take the boy out of the country etc.etc.

7. Gerard - April 16, 2008

Here’s a good old culchie story for you.

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