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Oscar Pistorius – some man ! January 17, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.
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Isn’t it a bit mad (and maddening) that track and field’s world governing body – I.A.A.F. – has ruled that double amputee Oscar Pistorius from South Africa can not compete in qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics because – wait for it – despite having no lower legs, he is at an advantage over the multi million dollar professional athletes against whom he would compete.

Just what are they afraid of ? This guy has no legs for Chrissakes !

A larger report into this feel-bad story is here. It seems Pistorius can now run so fast on his adapted “feet” – which are carbon fibre prosthetics – that they shouldn’t be considered as “feet”, but as “technical aids” ! I mean come on ! Are the Justin Gatlin‘s of this world quaking in their boots ? Well you know what I mean – someone who didn’t take drugs … an honest athlete … why not let this guy compete against them ?

In my opinion if the guy is good enough to qualify then let him go ! Its not as if he’s wearing some special apparatus over his own regular body – this guy had no legs when he was born – to overcome that and to even be talking about the Olympics in the same breath is surely something to be put on a pedestal !

Does this also mean that if he is definitively banned, that he can then compete in the Paralympics ? I mean, if he has an advantage over any able bodied person, surely he has a double advantage then over a Paralympian ?


This is nuts – let the guy run – if he’s good enough then he’ll make it and if not he won’t. Isn’t that what the whole Olympic spirit is about.



1. laurie - January 18, 2008

i know! i know! i thought this story was absolutely crazy!

he has no legs!! that cannot be an advantage!

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