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Not long to go now ! January 14, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in Emigration, General Bloggery.
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It’s certainly not long to go now until we say a temporary goodbye and head first to the city of San Francisco and then on to our new home in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Amidst all the box packing (and re-packing when the baby has gone through them again !) and cleaning and clothes sorting, we’ve had little time to plan the first leg of our trip – San Francisco !!

Some distant family members have graciously offered to put us up for a few days while we break the 23 hour journey to Aoteraoa with 4 days in San Fran – its somewhere I’ve always wanted to go …

So a few questions to any of my fair readers, who’ve ever been to across the Golden Gate Bridge … I was hoping to purchase a good few items since the exchange rate between the € and the $ seems to be very favourable at the moment.

Basically I’m looking for a laptop, fairly high spec and a digital SLR camera, also towards the higher end. Does anyone know of good companies where you can just walk in a buy one off the shelf ? What should I expect to pay …. any links ?

Many thanks – I’ll post the pictures from Alcatraz – me and my buddies used to play at being the Birdman of Alcatraz when we were kids, isolated in the veritable prison that was my garage roof !



1. laurie - January 15, 2008

i’ve been to san francisco many times. two of my nephews live there, and one of my best friends.

there should be camera stores galore, and Apple has stores (are you looking for an apple or a pc?). finding a computer store should be no problem whatsoever.

i’m not sure what you mean by fairly high spec and higher end…so quoting prices is tough. but you can get a good Dell laptop for $1000 or $1,500. about the same for a macbook.

you could just google san francisco and computer stores and see what you end up with. but you should have no trouble whatsoever.

a good digital camera would be anywhere between $400 and $1,000, depending on what you’re looking for.

i realize i’m being vague. sorry….

san francisco is a great place. if it’s warm enough, walk across the golden gate bridge to marin. i did that just last august.

pictures here, if you’re interested.

2. His Girl Friday - January 15, 2008


try BestBuy or Circuit City. you can search online for the stores’ addresses in the San Fran area; they’ll carry most of your top name brands. Dell and Apple, you have to order directly thru their sources, these products are not sold in stores directly.

Best wishes for your travels! 🙂

3. Rambling Man - January 15, 2008

thanks for the tips guys

4. laurie - January 15, 2008

sorry if i’m leading you astray. i thought you could buy macs in the apple store, but maybe that’s just for ipods and the like.

best buy and circuit city do have a lot of computers, but if you want something more high-end you’d want to go somewhere else.

ps re your message to me: harp is terrible??? really? is that since the brewery was sold, or have you never liked it?

5. Rambling Man - January 16, 2008

i’ve never really liked it – i believe the stuff that you guys had was probably brewed in the US in which case it would’ve ben much better – they still have it on tap in northern ireland but in the republic its rarely seen … its all imported dutch and german beer here really, apart from the black stuff

6. Hangar Queen - January 22, 2008

Here’s a thought.Can you not spec out your laptop on Dell or Apple’s websites and have it shipped to the local relatives there?

Recently bought an Olympus 410 D digital SLR (10.8 Mp) for $1200 through the Dell website and I am WELL happy with it.

7. Rambling Man - January 22, 2008

now jaysis i wouldnt have thought of that in a million years … cheers me dear

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