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Movie Review – I am Legend January 9, 2008

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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Readers will note that last year, I mentioned the fact that I would like to see the movie “I am Legend”.  So over the Christmas period I managed to steal a few hours away from the madness and go see it.

It was shit !  Absolute and utter shit … I was going to do a proper review but then stumbled across this review from Liars & Lunatics and I couldn’t do any better …

Except to disagree with his last line …. “Not quite as shit as I, Robot”  Oh yes it was – three times as shit in fact – at least the chick in I, Robot was hot !

PS : the book (as always) is meant to be much better -tells the tale from the point of view of the zombies I think – as in Will Smith is the only different one, trying to kill them, not the other way round.  The film would’ve been much better had it tried to show it from both sides but I guess Hollywood block-fluster won out !



1. JL Pagano - January 9, 2008

This was my own 50-word review…

“Take “28 Days Later”, mix with “Dawn of the Dead”, add a pinch of “Old Yeller”. If you insist on sitting through all of this movie, I hereby challenge you to stop yourself saying the words “Is that it?” when the closing credits appear. Legend? I am sickened, more like.”

2. Rambling Man - January 9, 2008

i agree JL – and talking about the 28 days saga, i saw the rather disappointing 28 weeks later yesterday … another crock of shit that failed to live up to the promise of the first one … and now the zombies are through the channel tunnel and into france ! the door is wide open for 28 months later …. aww s(h)ucks

3. Chris - January 20, 2008

it took more than half the movie to reach the climax.

4. Anubhav - April 19, 2008

Hi I liked the movie though would have really preferred the original ending where in like in the Richard Matheson book Neville never died making him the only human survivor and thus Legend. If you want to see the original ending of the movie then you can visit my blog at htttp://likeiknowit.wordpress.com and check the review section.

Actually, according to the book he was the last man surviving who would capture the creatures to conduct the freaky injection tests in vain to cure them. Infact book also hints that all those vampires were scared of him. In the end he simply returns the captured Alice Braga and survives to be a true Legend.

5. Rambling Man - April 27, 2008

thanks for that anubhav – yes i believe the book is much better … the zombies were the “normal ones” and will smiths character the odd one out – and he was hunting them !

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