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Planxty December 20, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.
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Anyone who’s a fan of Irish and folk music and especially loves a tune to get you tapping your foot, will lovely Planxty. The band originally formed in the 1970s are themselves all legends in their own right, each having gone on from the platform that Planxty provided to wider acclaim.

The original members were Christy Moore, Donal Lunny, Andy Irvine and Liam O’Flynn.

The group reformed for a short while in 2004 with sell-out concerts in Dublin and Clare. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, audiences can listen to their music anytime they want …



1. laurie - December 20, 2007

i love planxty! and i love christy moore.

2. Rambling Man - December 20, 2007

god we so have the same musical taste ! ever seen christy live ? a great show …

3. His Girl Friday - December 20, 2007

Just passing thru, and thought I’d say howdy!!
Great music!! thanks for the link!! 🙂

4. Rambling Man - December 20, 2007

yer welcome – thanks for the comment

5. laurie - December 21, 2007

gosh, never live, unfortunately, though i would sure like to.

we almost saw van morrison live in killarney a few years ago, but we were staying in dingle town and would have gone through that mountain pass in the dark to get back from the concert and so decided not to go.

6. His Girl Friday - December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays to you, from the new one here!! 😉
love the kid colouring photo!! 🙂

haha, you brought back memories of staying in the hostel in Dingle and touring about with a couple Aussies we met up with!! 🙂

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