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Christie Hennessy – RIP December 17, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

I was very saddened the other morning to hear of the death of one of my favourite Irish singers, Christie Hennessy. Christie was well known to folk and Irish music audiences for his unique vocal style and touching songs. He was also a great songwriter who wrote many songs which other artists recorded.

A quote from his website eulogizes him better than I could :

Christie’s song writing was about life, dreams and the reality of the people in them.
He was never one to go down the easy route of writing a song with good music and empty lyrics. Christie takes you on an emotional awareness that life can also be painful and lonely.

He was a man who wrote with honesty and feelings from his heart and soul.
He is the ultimate storyteller of our time.

May he rest in peace. Check out his music here – a lovely tribute on YouTube.



1. laurie - December 18, 2007

very sad indeed. a master.

2. Rambling Man - December 18, 2007

thats cool that you’ve heard of him – his daughter, hermione is also a very talented musician …

3. laurie - December 20, 2007

i have indeed heard of him, and enjoy his music.

not heard of hermione, though…

and i just found out the other day that kirsty macoll had died a couple of years ago. and that it was her father who wrote “dirty old town.”

4. Rambling Man - December 20, 2007

yeah ewan … that was a shock – she was killed in a boating accident

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