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Give an old fart a break ! December 7, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Poetry & Humor.

I was quite amused by both the tone and content of this story on the BBC’s website. It’s reported in such a stiff-upper-lip matter of fact kind of way, despite its subject being rather funny.

Go and have a read about poor 77 year old Maurice Fox who has been banned from his local Sports & Social club for farting too much ! Some of the quotes are hilarious …



1. Laurie - December 7, 2007

disgusting! offensive! gross!
and i immediately emailed it to about six people.


2. Rambling Man - December 7, 2007

i guess when you get to that age, it all gets a little windy …

3. jason fox - December 10, 2007

hi all,
im his son and he’s been farting like it for as long as i remember
we used to play snooker together he was great when playing doubles he would let rip when it was the opposite’s side turn, guaranteed to win with him on my side
go dad you to old to care now

4. Rambling Man - December 10, 2007

be sure to give him our regards …

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