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The Tanks November 30, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.
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Unfortunately I feel the need to share this story with the world – and you see why I started the paragraph with the word “unfortunately” as the story rolls out …

It concerns a group of twenty something burly lads from England who call themselves “The Tanks” and appeared the other evening on one of these mind sickeningly boring reality TV shows called something like “Britain’s Booziest Bingers” or some such … can you see where this is heading ?

Well “The Tanks”, suitably clad in white t-shirts adorning their names, have to be the most disgusting group of individuals I’ve ever seen. They didn’t just get drunk and behave loutishly – they became violently ill from drinking and behaved in a way that if a sober person had done it, they’d be lifted within minutes. They were destroying their own lives and you felt from looking at the program, that if this was to be the pinnacle of someones hopes for the weekend, then we are living in a very dangerous society indeed.

One scene in particular captured the horrific nature of their behaviour … now everyone knows that any decent and honest lager lout cannot turn down a mate when he is dared to do something, lest he be seen as less of a hero or God forbid, gay * !  So Tank 1 dares Tank 2 to drink a pint of his piss ! Tank 2 gleefully accepts his dare and takes the steaming glass and downs it – riotous laughter from everyone and even more riotous puking from Tank 2 ensues … and then the master stroke ! Tank 2, in an effort not to look hopelessly inefficient in the face of a challenge, dares Tank 1 to drink the contents of the bucket he just threw up in ! And I won’t tell you what happened next …

What are the underlying reasons some people will do that ? I’m sure they all have normal, respectable homes and jobs and families and support normal football teams and walk their dogs and stuff – but is this the most enjoyment that they can perceive having ?

Western society has a bigger drink problem that it could ever realise – it goes to show that the ones in authority are not “drinkers” as the term applies to those idiots mentioned above, so therefore do not get the whole of the pitcher picture. Not only do we have a drink problem in these islands but we also have a bravado problem … as is borne out on the streets of Cardiff and Dublin and Glasgow and Kilkenny etc. every Friday and Saturday night …

Tanks ?  Planks, more like !

Note : Refusal to drink urine does not constitute homosexuality !



1. laurie - November 30, 2007

oh my god.

this is a tv show, truly?

holy holy moly.

i hope you dont’ have to pay to watch this.

2. Rambling Man - November 30, 2007

no its freeview – its the kinda thing thats on at 4am when i’m up feeding the kiddie !

3. SK - November 30, 2007

Western society or a few small parts of it that make rolemodels out of these sort of nobs by putting them on the TV in the first place?

Most of Europe has a fairly responsible attitude to drinking. I can’t imagine any of the French people I knew as a student contemplating anything like this.

4. Rambling Man - November 30, 2007

do you reckon its an irish or british or “these islands” thing then ? certainly the french etc. have a more responsible attitude as do the swedes (the wife!) … but where I come from – and I freely admit to being a bogger ! – the kids can’t get drink down their necks quick enough !

it might even be a class thing ? or an education thing ? i mean the buzz around our tea room on a monday morning is measured by how badly you can remember saturday night i.e. must’ve been that good that you can’t remember …

lots of people just don’t do moderation !

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