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Ireland drawn in tough group November 26, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.
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Jaysis will the football team ever cop a decent break and get drawn with a crowd of bigger muppets than ourselves ?

Eh … no … when you consider that our own muppetry is the cause of us getting drawn in hard groups.

And so it was yesterday for the World Cup 2010 qualifiers, when Ireland came out of the pot and into Group 8 along with world champions Italy, Bulgaria and our old friends Cyprus … as well as Georgia who gave England a good run a couple of years ago and minnows Montenegro … who a couple of weeks ago beat our U21s !

All together now … we’re all part of Staunton’s ar ….. wait now a minute !



1. francis mahon - November 27, 2007

I am so loving that – “muppetry” – my new favourite word!

You know, it could have been worse though – we could still have Stan as manager!

2. Rambling Man - November 28, 2007

we could – or that eejit venables !

3. oftroad - November 29, 2007

Montenegro could be quite good – they’ve got a decent striker who plays in Serie A (possibly for Roma? My mind’s gone blank..) and are only 6th seeds because this is their first qualifying campaign without Serbia.

4. Rambling Man - November 30, 2007

jaysis that’s even worse ! no whipping boys in that group then … maybe the ones in green ?

5. oftroad - November 30, 2007

I’d appreciate if you could give this a bit of a mention?


Power to the people!

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