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Need a character name ? November 24, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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Have you budding writers out there ever been stuck for the name or a gallant hero or heroine when writing your literary masterpieces ?

I’ve often thought that this is one area where the hordes of spam emails that we all get sent can help enormously ! Take the pure and utter drivel I get sent on a daily basis … you know the sorts ! Need a bigger penis ? Buy drugs ? Buy rare and illegal animals ? whatever you’re having yourself …

The thing is that the senders of these emails – none of which are real people – have the best and most perfect novel hero/heroine names I’ve ever seen ?

For example, there’s the lovely and strikingly beautiful Emily Salazar who, when she’s not trying to peddle me illegal software, would make a most serene maiden in need of rescuing !

Or how about good old Elton Mays , currently a representative of a large pharmaceutical setup, who when he’s got any spare time, plays saxophone at the most famous jazz club in New Orleans … which is where Carlos Yu – powerful and cool detective from the Louisiana DA’s office is investigating the murder of his former muse Wanda Lee Boggs (both of whom have a small but profitable email based sideline in snake pelts !) .

There you have it novelists … start a random hotmail account and get spammed to death only to use the names of the spammers as prize winning novel characters !

You heard it here first !



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