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Go ride your bike, son November 16, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

“Go ride your bike, son” my father used to say regularly, usually in vain, as he attempted to get me off my arse and out of the house.

However, having seen what I saw when perusing the ether this morning, that phrase will never again mean the same to me.  Here is the article in all its lewd gloryahem

A spokes person (sorry) for the hotel where the offence ocurred gives the low down on the terrible ordeal. It appears a man in a Scottish hotel room thought it necessary to give new meaning to the phrase “ride your bike” when he – wait for it – tried to have sex with his bycicle !  That’s right – a man tried to erm, ride his bike !  Sort of … I mean how does one even go about trying to ride your bike in a non-riding-to-get-somewhere  sort of way ?  And so he was caught by “two distraught” cleaners who I’m sure got the shock of their lives …
Oh those funny Scotch people … it gives a new meaning to “Back in the Saddle” as well – do they not understand what they are doing to modern slang and Scottish ideolect phraseology ?

Read the article – it’s such a hoot !  And he was arrested and sentenced to keep the peace for 3 years too.  I hope she was worth it !



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