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A Young Lad in America November 16, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in A Young Lad in America.
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“A Young Lad in America” is my attempt to serialize part of my (mostly) misspent youth, 5 months of which was spent in the United States on a J1 visa. I thought – as all 21 year olds do – that I knew it all and that this summer was going to be nothing but thigh slapping bouts of alcohol fuelled merriment, joyous womanising and life changing experiences.

Some of those things happened and more didn’t but what sure did happen was that my eyes were opened to the wonders and strangeness of the grown up world, into which I was unknowingly about to make my first real foray !

So keep an eye out and I hope I don’t bore the pants off you with my ramblings – they are sure to be coated with large amounts of hyperbole, a little melancholy and a whole lot of rose-tinted American goodness … sure the pavements of New Yawk City haven’t been the same since !



1. laurie - November 17, 2007

ah, i’m looking forward to this! don’t suppose you got as far west as minnesota?

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