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If I was American … November 14, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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Have you ever wondered, if you could vote in the US Presidential Election next year, who you would vote for ?

Well now you can find out – on paper at least by way of here, with thanks.

It’s a nifty little site, briefly explaining the pros and cons of the broad issues facing the American people. You choose whether you support the cause or not and rate it as a priority or not. It then matches you with a candidate.

Unsurprisingly, I was matched with the Democrats and my ideal president would be this guy – Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich (88.40% !). Barack Obama was also high on my list. Neither of whom have a particularly good chance of making it …

Oh well … thems the breaks.

* Author prepared, gladly, to eat humble pie on this one !   Jan 08



1. Hangar Queen - November 14, 2007

Hey..me too.Dennis is the bhoy! Hillary was second on my list and she’s looking like she might do it .

2. theswissjob - November 14, 2007

Me too, me too! I got Dennis coming out on top at 78.72%. Next in line was the brilliantly named Mike Gravel who’s a former Alaska Senator!

3. Rambling Man - November 14, 2007

hey devin – whats the feeling on the groundas to whos going to be on the democratic ticket ?

4. limerick gal - November 14, 2007

Me too!! Dennis was top of my list. Jaysus, great minds and all that eh?!

5. Rambling Man - November 15, 2007

maybe the whole site is a cover for Dennis and his election bid ?

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