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All the world loves carbohydrates November 12, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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The world loves carbohydrates and so do I – but I can’t have ’em !  For a while now I’ve been on a heavily restricted non carb, high protein diet which isn’t the Atkins Plan but isn’t too far away from it and let me tell you – it’s a struggle !

Why ?  Because its never easy to lose weight and there are nasty carbohydrates in absolutely everything on the shelves of our supermarkets !  4oz of carbohydrates is all I’ve allowed per day and even that is just the recommended limit … so if I have toast for breakfast and a sandwich at lunchtime then that’s it.  Done !

So my request to you, knowledgeable readers, is do you know of any good website out there in the ether that have wholesome, easy to make, low carb but tasty food recipes ?

PS – Before anyone goes mad and shouts at me about your body needing carbohydrates – I know !  it’s just I can’t have anything like a satisfying amount of them …



1. ShrinkingSherry - November 12, 2007

Don’t look on the shelves :). It’s been said that the healthiest foods are the ones that don’t have that little nutritional data box on them…shop the outside aisles for meats and fresh produce, then some dairy. The shelves are, indeed, deadly…

2. Rambling Man - November 13, 2007

good advice sherry. thanks

3. Coastal Aussie - November 14, 2007

Hi again Rambling Man …. Good on you for your efforts to become even more healthy. 🙂 I don’t know much about carbs, but I’m very sensitive to gluten and dairy, and so I have quite a lot of omelettes (my cholesterol is very good, so lots of eggs aren’t a problem) and salads.

You can put many things that you enjoy in the omelette, I like chopped up cooked chicken, cooked onion, or a small amount of cooked bacon and feta cheese….. oh, sunflower seeds are delicious, they absorb moisture and swell, and I can’t describe the taste, but I like it. If you make an omelette ( I also add a little rice milk and sea salt to mine) and some salad, it is a great way to fill you up, you might even be able to have a piece of bread with it, and not feel too deprived.

I sometimes cook the ingredients first, including carrot and sugar snap peas, capsicum…or anything you like, and then add beaten eggs to the saucepan and make a paella. The other trick of mine is to make a salad of whatever you use to enjoy in your sandwich, plus a little bit of feta to add a salty bite to the salad, and a little bit of light dressing/mayo to bind it altogether, oh, also… if you have open sandwiches, so that you can have heaps more healthy toppings on two toasted breads, it can help to make a meal out of a sandwich.

I hope that helps a little, the only other thing I can think of at the moment is to mention looking coeliac websites, or perhaps ‘about.com’ might discuss low carb meals. Good on you though, and I hope you’re going well with it.

4. Rambling Man - November 14, 2007

thanks CA – i have my good days and bad days … have found some really good websites though so will keep ploughing along. any sign of your blog yet ?

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