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From Here to Eternity November 7, 2007

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Sky movies are showing a great raft of classic war films over the Remembrance Day period and last night’s offering was the mega Oscar winning “From Here to Eternity” – famed for its scorching beach scene (scorching for 1953 that is) between Debora Kerr and the bould Burt Lancaster.

For scorching read a quick “roll in the tide” with minimal nudity … I guess people in 1953 were beside themselves …

But back to the film – it’s great !  I was never one for old movies but this one caught my imagination and I watched right through to the sad ending.  The story in itself is good and the Pearl Harbour scenes take footage from the actual attack. You get the personal side of the soldiers stories and it is interesting to compare this to a modern war movie where soldiers (e.g. Jarhead) are portrayed as more drone like than real people.

The story itself sees a soldier (Clift) picked on by his unit for not joining their boxing team.  The backdrop of Pearl Harbour looms large as well as several well developed subplots with Lancaster’s happy-go-lucky, verging on the lazy Army role played to perfection.

The cast in this film reads like a “Who’s Who?” of famous actors of the time.  Debora Kerr, Burt Lancaster,  Montgomery Clift (the main part), Frank Sinatra …

So if you get a chance have a look – I’m sure some label has released it under their Classic titles.



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