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A watched watch … November 6, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.
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A watched watch never ticks !

A word to the wise folks. Never, ever buy a seemingly perfect, pristine condition, still in its box, fancy looking watch from a street hawker in Spain. Or anywhere for that matter. I mean, I knew the thing was fake of course, but I wanted one anyway because I might get a few months out of it.

Having got him down from €50 to €10 (and yes, the alarm bells did ring at that point), the bloody thing stopped working after about ten minutes. Just long enough for the hawker to close his suitcase and feck off around the corner to hassle some other gobshite tourist.

It appears I bought one of those watches that works fine while the seller shows you how great it is and what all the buttons do, and then – hey presto – you buy it and walk around the corner and check the time ! And it’s banjaxed … dead as a whorehouse rat !

You’d think it’d be more expensive for these guys to buy or make watches that didn’t work that to get ones that did ? So be careful … everyone can see past a broken, shady looking Rolex knock off bought for a tenner …. everyone except me, it seems !



1. laurie - November 7, 2007

bummer! but at least you got to be in spain.

2. Rambling Man - November 7, 2007

at least … but with a sick kid !

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