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Books in rip-off Ireland November 3, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.
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Books and magazines are such a rip-off in this country. I mean – really a rip-off ! Up to 30 to 40% dearer from the sterling price, even if you throw a tenner into the mix for putting it in a bag and sending it to Ireland (which an amazing amount of companies find hard to do !)

Some examples illustrate my point …

This is a book I want to read (Faces of World War I) and not being in the vicinity of any great book shops (except very expensive, monopolistic ones) I like to order stuff online. But lo and behold the money crazy Irish business that buy and sell books here have not escaped the price hike. On Amazon – the link above – the book is £15 or €21.50. I can even get a second hand one for £11. But in my local bookshop ? €34.99 and online at www.booksunlimited.ie ? €31.73 Why the big difference ?

And again with this one (Bobby Charlton – ‘My Manchester United years’)… on Amazon it’s a bargain at £10 or €14.40. But on www.booksunlimited.ie (€25.38) or Eason’s online book store it’s €18.99 (only slightly less galling).

Don’t even get me started on magazines … my favourites start at €9+, but are only £3 and £4 in sterling !

So does anyone know why prices are overinflated here … I mean transport costs can’t just be the sole reason ?  Can they ?  Do the government get a cut which is then thrown back on the public ?



1. Idetrorce - December 16, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

2. Rambling Man - December 16, 2007

if you don’t agree can you offer any reason as to the large differences in price ? thanks for the comment

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